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Real Estate Launched ‘Dreams Per Square Feet’ Magazine in Pune

This Dreams Per Square Feet magazine cooperates with The DataTech Labs Inc., DreamWorks University, PunekarNews., and Belleza Consultants, with Credai Maharashtra BNI East & North Region, LeadCon, and Veriprop as partners. The launch was attended by Satish Magar, Chairman of CREDAI National, and Shantilal Kataria, Vice Chairman of CREDAI National. The vision of the Magazine: This publication aims...

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In Four years – Housing sales in Mumbai and Pune Lookup

According to reports, luxury housing sales in Mumbai and Pune have been high for four years. It increases trust in the overall economy, improved quality of construction, and enhanced amenities in high-end projects have fueled the demand over the last two years. In 2021, the largest luxury home sales were in Mumbai (Rs 10 crore) and Pune (apartments costing above Rs 5 crore). According to joint research...

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Why Invest in Pune Real Estate?

Pune is a historic and culturally significant city in Maharashtra, which is not the primary motivation for real estate investment in Pune. However, Pune has evolved into a center of education, a cutting-edge IT hub, and an industrialized metropolis over time. As a result, Pune has grown into one of India's most sophisticated cities. Let's cover why invest in Pune real estate? We cleared your points for...

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Housing demand rises in east and west Pune during Jan-Mar 2022

Everyone's talking about the pace at which housing demand rises in Pune. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on your dream home! The housing demand rises in the east, and west Pune during Jan-Mar 2022 has been rising since the second half of 2018. We expect the trend to continue for some time now. Let's build your dream home together. Whether you're looking for a cozy or modern abode, you can find...

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Mistakes to avoid by applicants before buying a new house

Whether you buy a new house as an investment property, utility, or security, careful thought, consideration, and research about the house should be put in place before making the purchase. When purchasing the house, many commit first home buyers mistakes like not researching the property well. As a buyer, you should also be mindful of not making a hasty decision when buying the property. Put in the time to...

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Urban Planning – A Key to Future Development in Pune

For any society, city, state, or country, proper urban planning is essential to warrant a sustainable future and development. The main objective of urban planning is to implement plans that will make the city future-ready with better services for its citizen. The way to achieve this is by using the municipal and other development budgets for this purpose. Urban planning is in the process of future...

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