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Historic Bhabha Bungalow Majheghar

Mumbai: Historic Bhabha Bungalow On Malabar Hill Sold For Rs 372 Cr

Mehergir is a synonymous name associated with the famous scientist Homi Bhabha. It was the residence of him and Jamshed Bhabha, the industrial-philanthropist. It went under the hammer in 2014. The historic Bhabha bungalow is believed to have been purchased by the Jamshyd Godrej family for Rs 372 crore. The Row There was quite a hue and cry regarding the historic bungalow’s sale. But the good news is...

brokers turn investors majheghar

When Brokers Turn Investors, Mumbai House Prices Are Bound To Rise

Not very long ago, the prediction was Mumbai, and overall housing prices would decrease due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But it seems to be nothing but wishful thinking or a wrong prediction. Mainly when Mumbai doesn’t function like the rest of the cities. In Mumbai, brokers turn investors to prevent the Mumbai house market from getting crashed. Instead of reporters being to be believed, then in...

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