Urban Planning – A Key to Future Development in Pune

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For any society, city, state, or country, proper urban planning is essential to warrant a sustainable future and development. The main objective of urban planning is to implement plans that will make the city future-ready with better services for its citizen. The way to achieve this is by using the municipal and other development budgets for this purpose. Urban planning is in the process of future development in Pune.

Proper urban planning is about the city’s growth and ensuring it is environment friendly, boosting economic progress while giving the present and future generations a healthy and convenient living space.

Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR) Rs 73,000 crore worth Development Plan (DP) has been drafted as part of the process. If the proposed plan is implemented, it will positively impact the citizens of Pune significantly. Moreover, the drafted plan intends to make Pune the most livable city of international standard that can become a premium international investment destination.

The Metropolitan Commissioner and CEO, PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority), Suhas Diwase, stated that the plan which will be worked on for the next 20 years would increase the liveability in Pune while focusing on sustainable development that will have environment resilience.

A multi-faceted approach is a key to achieving successful urban planning. It will impact the flats for sale in Pune along with other industries positively. PMRDA has become the forefront in developing this urban transformation. PMRDA has taken the ingenious approach for urban planning, which will positively influence the city’s future.

Making it Future Ready

PMDRA has to make the necessary changes to ensure the city is future-ready, which includes providing 2 & 3 BHK furnished flats in Pune, digitizing the records, and smooth processing and flow of information between the developers, stakeholders, and citizens.

Proper Leadership

The urban planning that Pune wants to implement for the next 20 years is driven by technology. Hence, it is essential that PMRDA identify people who have knowledge of technology and how to use it in urban development. Providing proper leadership is necessary for the success of this project.

Developing a Timeline and Roadmap For Change

PMRDA has to move beyond the red tape and corruption as they did with the Pune Metro and Ring Road development to warrant a better and improved city modernization. For this, they need to identify the problem areas, find a solution, and implement them while developing a time frame.

Expanding the Territory of Pune

Integrating rural areas into the development plan is essential in urban development planning. Therefore, PMRDA has to ensure the territories it will be integrating into the expansion should not have an infrastructural deficit.

Making Citizens an Active Stakeholder In The City

PMRDA uses app-based digitally advanced technology as its priority in urban development planning to keep the citizens informed about the changes in their area. Informing them about how the changes will benefit them will impact the citizens positively.

Final Words

Any city that plans to be future-ready and intends to have an excellent urban planning development must warrant it improves the livelihood of the citizens while increasing the interconnectedness with another region. PMRDA intends to do all these. Moreover, a well-planned urban city will help Pune and its real estate market significantly.

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