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Home insurance: Things You Need to Know before Buying One

When we build or buy our dream home, we want to take every possible measure to protect it.  In most cases, we don’t mind spending money on buying the latest technologically advanced locks, security doors, and even CCTV. However, we often neglect to take the essential protection for the house. Buying a home insurance policy is the last thing in our minds. At times we think it is an unnecessary investment...

Mistakes to avoid buying a new house majheghar

Mistakes to avoid by applicants before buying a new house

Whether you buy a new house as an investment property, utility, or security, careful thought, consideration, and research about the house should be put in place before making the purchase. When purchasing the house, many commit first home buyers mistakes like not researching the property well. As a buyer, you should also be mindful of not making a hasty decision when buying the property. Put in the time to...

common mistakes for home loan - majheghar

Common 5 mistakes to avoid when applying for a home loan

Most people who intend to buy a house for then home loan has become an essential way to fund the process. While financial institutes are willing to fund your home loan, there are times when the process can become a nightmare. When borrowers commit some mistakes when applying for a loan, the chances are it will get rejected. There are several other crucial mistakes to avoid for a home loan that, as a home...

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