Real Estate Launched ‘Dreams Per Square Feet’ Magazine in Pune

Dreams Per Square Feet magaznie - majheghar property

This Dreams Per Square Feet magazine cooperates with The DataTech Labs Inc., DreamWorks University, PunekarNews., and Belleza Consultants, with Credai Maharashtra BNI East & North Region, LeadCon, and Veriprop as partners. The launch was attended by Satish Magar, Chairman of CREDAI National, and Shantilal Kataria, Vice Chairman of CREDAI National.

The vision of the Magazine:

This publication aims to educate the customer and make the house buying process as simple as possible. Individuals interested in purchasing and those who wish to pursue a career in real estate will profit. This one-of-a-kind publication will feature learning from critical events, information exchange, and successful enterprises or transformations in real estate property in Pune.

Every industry has been affected by the pandemic. The recovery is going slowly but steadily. Pune real estate is at an all-time high in affordability, making this one of the finest periods to invest. Fewer new products are being released, but developers are concentrating on product quality and sales.

About Magazine:

“Dreams Per Square Feet is a cooperation of dreams, desire to achieve, and the choice and resolve of like-minded individuals to make this happen,” said Umesh Pawar, Editor of Dreams Per Square Feet magazine. This publication has addressed all of the pillars necessary to comprehend the real estate condition. The magazine’s distribution will increase by moving to a digital platform, resulting in more people reading it.”

Mr. Kataria says, “In Pune, real estate offers a wide range to buy 2 BHK flats in Pune. As time goes on, real estate knowledge will become increasingly important. From purchase through possession, the magazine will supply all necessary information.”

When someone buys a 2BHK flat, they compare prices and have many questions about how, when, and where they should buy it. The magazine ‘Dreams’ will answer all of their inquiries and meet all readers’ expectations.

On the occasion of the magazine’s publication, “Coming together is a new beginning,” says Dr. Amit Andre, CEO of The DataTech Labs Inc., “which is turned into progress by sticking together, and the shared fruit is nothing but success.”

The real estate industry has also been affected by technological upheaval. The demand for the top builders in Pune has expanded to develop the best flats in Pune as the world has become more fast-paced. The DataTech Labs Inc. cooperated with these real estate titans to give technical assistance, particularly AI-enabled tech support, and contributed to the magazine’s launch.


Real estate technology has changed the face of the sector in recent years and has impacted how it operates. Real estate has always been a technology-driven market, but recent years have seen significant developments. These new real estate technologies will substantially impact living in 2021 and beyond, whether you’re a real estate property agent wanting to sell more properties, a landlord searching for better tenants, or a first-time homebuyer.

Technological developments have resulted in significant improvements in buying and selling platform functionality. As a result, the sector’s operations and accessibility have grown much easier and more user-friendly for everyone involved.

Managing Editor of PunekarNews, Mubarak Ansari, said, “Pune is the most powerful player in the real estate market. We’ve expanded our reach to include national and regional news portals. Real estate issues will attempt to address them.


‘Dreams Per Square Feet’ has more than 3 lakh subscribers just one day after its introduction. This publication provides information about real estate, including current trends, buying habits, etc. This magazine will not only assist buyers in determining what is best for them, but it will also assist those who are intrigued about the real estate industry and wish to pursue a career in it.


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