Dholera smart city – zoning, phases, and projects

Dholera smart city - majheghar

The largest Greenfield industrial Dholera smart city in Dholera SIR (Special investment region). It is planned and situated approximately 100 kilometers southwest of Ahmedabad.

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Area of Dholera city:

Dholera smart city encompasses 22 villages in the Dholera taluka of Ahmedabad district and spans an area of around 920 square kilometers.

These are the following:-

1. Ambali

2. Kadipur

3. Bhadiyad

4. Gogla

5. Gorasu

6. Cher

7. Otariya

8. Dholera

9. Khun

10. BhimTalav

11. Rahtalav

12. Mundi

13. Sandhida

14. Panchi

15. Mahadevpur

16. Bhangarh

17. Zankhi

18. Mingalpur

19. Bavaliyari

20. Sodhi

21. Sangasar

22. Hebatpur

Dholera SIR is positioned to become Asia’s largest city. It’s seven times the size of Ahmedabad. It will be the world’s largest industrial manufacturing center. It is the location where all modes of transportation will be available.

Zoning of Dholera city project: 

The Dholera smart city project is divided into zones. In addition, each of these zones is given a percentage of the overall land developed.

The following is a breakdown of all of the project’s zones by area:

Community facilities8%
High access corridor4%
Industrial zone47%
Recreation and sports3%
Residential zone28%


Phases of Dholera city project:

  • Phase 1– 2022 (TP 1 & TP 2):-

The creation of the Dholera smart city will take place in stages. The first and second town planning schemes will be included in phases 1 (1 & 2). The area covered by town planning scheme 1 is approximately 51 square kilometers. On the other side, the approximate area for a town planning scheme 2 is 102 square kilometers.

However, the whole Dholera smart city area will also include 250 meters of the proposed expressway. The Dholera smart city project’s first phase is expected to be finished in 2022.

  • Phase 2 – 2032 (TP 3 & TP 4):-

Town planning 3 and 4 will be completed as part of phase 2 of the Dholera smart city project. The region covered by town planning 3 is roughly 66.60 square kilometers, whereas the development area for town planning four will be approximately 60 square kilometers. However, phase 2 of the Dholera smart city project would not begin until phase 1 has been completed.

  • Phase 3 – 2042 (TP 5 & TP 6):-

After phase 2 is completed, phase 3 of the Dholera smart city project will commence. Phase 3 is split into two parts: town planning 5 and 6. The area created under town planning phase 5 will be roughly 74.75 square kilometers, whereas town planning phase 6 will be around 67.63 square kilometers.

The smart city project in Dholera is expected to be finished by 2042 or later. The residential, commercial, and industrial zones, on the other hand, will be open to the public once each phase is completed.

List of projects under the Dholera city:

The projects that will be completed in 2022 are listed below in a brief list. The intelligent city area of Dholera is quite large. As a result, the central government’s Dholera smart city project will be a fantastic idea.

The following are some of the numerous components of this massive undertaking:-

  • Abcd greens I
  • Abcd greens II
  • Abcd enclave I
  • Abcd enclave II
  • Abcd enclave III

All five structures are in the first phase of development.

Furthermore, the project is expected to be completed in 2022.

The second phase involves the following names:

  • Expressway commercial park 2
  • Expressway commercial park 3
  • Expressway commercial park 4

Only expressway Commercial Park 2 belongs to town planning 1 out of all the following titles. Others are classified as part of town planning 2.

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