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Ukraine Russia War impact real estate - majheghar

Real Estate Price May Rise In India Due To Russia – Ukraine War

According to the current reports, real estate prices may arise in India due to Russia - the Ukraine war.  Russia – Ukraine war impact on real estate and social economy is unaffordable. The reason behind it is that price may increase for cement and other construction materials. It is an excellent illustration of how geopolitical conflicts in other countries impact the real estate market and mortgage...

Ready Reckoner Rates - majheghar

Pune Builders Request Govt Not To Raise Ready Reckoner Rates

Now, the current news in real estate property in Maharashtra is about to Ready Reckoner Rates.  Before reading current news, know about the “Ready Reckoner Rates”? What are Ready Reckoner Rates? A Ready Reckoner Rate (RRR) is the standard value of an immovable property that is assessed and regulated by the state government in which it is located. "Immovable property" refers to residential,...

Dholera smart city - majheghar

Dholera smart city – zoning, phases, and projects

The largest Greenfield industrial Dholera smart city in Dholera SIR (Special investment region). It is planned and situated approximately 100 kilometers southwest of Ahmedabad. In Gujrat, many people want to buy real estate property from the best real estate portal. Gujarat's government has established a legal foundation for creating a unique investment region act in 2009. Area of Dholera...

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Buy a house In Ahmedabad, Pune, and Chennai most affordable to own a property

INDIAN DESTINATION Regarding housing affordability, India's real estate property in Pune is at its decadent peak. If you're looking to buy a house in Pune, you should know the affordability ratio. Pune and Chennai, with affordability ratios of 24 percent and 25 percent, will overtake Ahmedabad in 2021 as the nation's most cheap housing markets. Mumbai had the highest affordability ratio, at 53%,...

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