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Mumbai Property Revenue Up

Mumbai Property Revenue Up 79%

Even if real estate prices are rising, the bull market for luxury homes in India is still going strong. Mumbai, India's most expensive city, saw revenue from property registrations reach a new high in February 2023 at Rs 1,102 cr, according to the Inspector General of Registration (IGR), Maharashtra. This represented a staggering increase in Mumbai property revenue up 79% over February 2022 collections,...

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List of Top 10 areas to invest in Mumbai

Mumbai real estate has been increasing for a while, and now things are only going to get better. Which real estate markets will have the biggest value increases in the next years? There is little question that Mumbai, the nation's financial center, is a desirable location for many would-be purchasers. Let's cover why should you invest in Mumbai. After all, both the city and the suburbs have a variety of...

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In Four years – Housing sales in Mumbai and Pune Lookup

According to reports, luxury housing sales in Mumbai and Pune have been high for four years. It increases trust in the overall economy, improved quality of construction, and enhanced amenities in high-end projects have fueled the demand over the last two years. In 2021, the largest luxury home sales were in Mumbai (Rs 10 crore) and Pune (apartments costing above Rs 5 crore). According to joint research...

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Everything you should know about SRA Flats

In December 1995, the Maharashtra state government began a comprehensive slum restoration project. It established the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, or SRA, to offer suitable SRA flats to the urban poor living in Mumbai's slum districts. The plan was to exploit the site as a resource, providing SRA Mumbai apartments to slum residents while selling the remaining units on the open market. The program is...

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