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Mumbai Property Revenue Up

Mumbai Property Revenue Up 79%

Even if real estate prices are rising, the bull market for luxury homes in India is still going strong. Mumbai, India's most expensive city, saw revenue from property registrations reach a new high in February 2023 at Rs 1,102 cr, according to the Inspector General of Registration (IGR), Maharashtra. This represented a staggering increase in Mumbai property revenue up 79% over February 2022 collections,...

Reasons to Invest in Mumbai - majheghar

The Reasons to Invest in the Real Estate Market in Mumbai

There are many reasons to invest in Mumbai because it is known as India's commercial center and has attracted the interest of real estate investors and individuals who choose to participate in the real estate market. The largest nation in South Asia is India. The last ten years have seen an increasing trend in its economy. The real estate industry has benefited from this improvement. What are the reasons...

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