Ratan Tata’s Colaba Retirement Bungalow in Mumbai

Ratan Tata's Bungalow majheghar

If you are looking for one of India’s most elegant cabin houses, you should look at Ratan Tata’s Bungalow. His retirement cabin house in Mumbai’s Colaba area is one of the most well-constructed houses in the country. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the property is one of the best sea-view houses in Mumbai.

The breathtaking view of Mumbai city and the Arabian sea is something to die for. But the outside view is not its only charm. The intricately designed ornate stair railings with the majestic staircase greet the person who enters the property.

In the year 2012, the house was constructed. This three-storied real estate property in Mumbai covers an area of 13,350 square feet. The architecture of the bungalow has a contemporary design and is of pristine white color.

Ratan Tata’s bungalow boasts huge glass windows with high ceilings. The house is divided into seven levels. The ground floor has the kitchen, study, living, and bedroom. The other three floors are divided into two levels each.


One of the levels has a living room and the second level has the bedrooms of the house. The second floor also has its own living room, three more bedrooms and also the library.  Since it boasts of such a sea view, it is no surprise that it has a sun deck. On the second floor, Mr. Tata can enjoy the sunset or sunrise from the sun deck. The same floor has a barbeque space and a bar for a party. The area can accommodate at least 50 people easily.

The first level has a personal gym, a bedroom, and a state-of-the-art media room on the third floor. But it doesn’t end here. There is another sun deck on the second level of this floor, along with a swimming pool.

Favorite place of the bungalow

According to news reports, this floor is Mr. Tata’s favorite place of the bungalow.

If you thought this was it for Ratan Tata’s house, you were wrong. The owner of Tata Motors and Jaguar has a parking space in the basement that can accommodate at least ten to a dozen cars.

Ratan Tata’s bungalow also comes with a personalized servant’s accommodation extension.

The bungalow is the embodiment of class, simplicity, and elegance that is exuded by the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons and Tata Trusts.


But the property is not only about looks, elegance, and contemporary architecture. This Tata house in Mumbai is just twenty minutes ride from the Tata Sons, Bombay House headquarter.

The entire property oozes simplicity but with charm and character. Every corner of the house is designed keeping in mind the industrialist’s love for minimalism.

If you are wondering what the price of the house is, well, in 2012, when it was purchased, it was worth Rs 150 crore.

Final Words

Mr. Ratan Tata is a benevolent man, as we all know. So, while he plans to enjoy his retirement at the Colaba property, he has built an officer’s holiday home in Ooty Tamil Nadu. The property showcases his love for nature.

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