Mumbai Real Estate will soon face competition from Dubai, London, and Singapore

Mumbai Real Estate

In the next years, Mumbai’s real estate is expected to rank among the most upscale markets worldwide. Mumbai Real Estate market will soon face competition from Dubai, London, and Singapore. According to the report, this is especially true in light of the massive infrastructure development that is currently taking place in the financial capital.

Report addressing the audience at the AISL (Alternative Investments & Sustainable Lifestyles) seminar, which was put on by Brand Torque LLP, a business that seeks to introduce alternative investments to modern society. Khushroo Panthaky, a chartered accountant from Mumbai, Pritam Chivukula, co-founder and director of Tridhaatu Realty, Shahzad Madon, head of Nippon India Alternative Investments, Sudeep Saha, CMD of Avant Group, and Vivek Iyer were the other dignitaries who served on the panel.

Competition with Dubai, Singapore, & London

In the Future, the success of Mumbai’s real estate to compete with Dubai is ready for the macroeconomic environment in India, which is essentially sound enough to endure even a worldwide financial crisis. Builders voiced confidence in the Indian economy by saying that only a select few economies will develop faster than 5%, with India’s GDP expected to grow at a rate of 7% over the next several years. The growth story of India will be sparked by the gigantic projects of Mumbai.

The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Navi Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai Coastal Road, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail, Goregaon-Mulund Link Road, and the anticipated tunnel beneath Borivali and Thane are just a few of these significant infrastructure initiatives. Additionally, it is anticipated that the growth of satellite cities will strengthen the real estate markets in places like Thane and Navi Mumbai. These locations are ready for expansion and occupancy once the infrastructure improvements are completed thanks to the easy availability of mid-scale and luxury residential units.

Some of the biggest companies in the country have their headquarters in Mumbai. According to the reports, Mumbai will continue to draw several multinational corporations looking to establish offices, ultimately accelerating the development trajectory of the residential real estate market. ” In addition, Mumbai’s commercial real estate market will undergo a paradigm change as over 110 unicorns and another 75 or so soon-to-be unicorns search for new locations.

There are many top builders in Pune but history shows that during times of geopolitical unrest, investors have consistently relied on real estate as a solid base for any well-balanced portfolio. “Whether an investor is concerned about global financial risk or needs to diversify their portfolio, real estate is something they can live in; it’s bricks and mortar.

Nearly 150+ High Profile delegates from many walks of life attended the event, and they were pleased with the structure and the lessons learned from the forum and the developers. By underlining the connection that is now being built between industry & investors through a unique platform like AISL2022, all of the panels emphasized the significance of AISL2022.


In a nutshell, Mumbai will have the finest market ecosystem for investors and end users of residential and commercial real estate. Suppose you want a real estate property for residential and commercial purposes in Mumbai. Contact us for more information on properties in Mumbai and Pune with the most vanishing look at affordable costs.

The world is no longer nearly as safe as we previously assumed, therefore people save more money and real estate continues to be the favored asset for principal preservation and appreciation. Real estate will continue to be a safe investment despite rising inflation, a fragile stock market, and the possibility of war.

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