Maharashtra govt approves infrastructure projects for Pune city

infrastructure projects for Pune

The state government of Maharashtra has approved a number of infrastructure projects for Pune worth Rs 2,000 crore. These projects include the construction of a new flyover at the intersection of Pashan and Aundh roads, the widening of the existing flyover at the Katraj-Dehu Road bypass, and the construction of a new footbridge at the KEM Hospital junction. These projects are expected to ease traffic congestion in the city and improve connectivity between different parts of Pune.

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What does the project include?

A road project worth Rs 2000 crore has been approved for Pune city. The project will be implemented by the Pune Municipal Corporation and funded by the central government. It will be completed in three years, according to a statement issued by the CM’s office.

The flyovers and underpasses would include construction of new roads, including footpaths, drainage channels, and other utilities like electricity poles on roadsides in addition to improving accessibility for pedestrians as well as cyclists through safer routes without compromising on traffic flow or road widths.”This is one of our flagship projects,” said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis while inaugurating a ceremony at Kothrud today.”It will reduce traffic congestion in the city,” he added.

In addition to these infrastructure projects, the government has also approved 93 new schools under the Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Jeevanpran Pratisthan (KBPJP) scheme for Pune city. It plans on adding another 100 schools by 2020 across Maharashtra for providing education for students from Class 5 onwards until Class 12.

What would be the impact of the construction of the ring road?

Pune’s firms, particularly those in the IT industry, would have better accessibility thanks to the construction of a ring road around the city. This would lead to more companies opening up shops in Pune, which would increase employment and stimulate the economy. Real estate developers in Pune will be in great demand. Businesses would gain from the increased visitor flow since it would present more options for marketing and advertising.

The Ring Road would improve access to the city’s numerous information technology enterprises. Pune would become a more desirable site for IT enterprises if the city’s numerous institutions and colleges had greater access thanks to the Ring Road.

The city would become less congested as a result of the ring road, attracting more businesses and investors.

Maharashtra is investing heavily in infrastructure development

The state government is allocating a large sum of money for the development of roads, bridges, railways, and other infrastructure. This investment will lead to the creation of new jobs and will boost the state’s economy. The improved infrastructure will also make it easier for people to travel and do business in the state.

It is a key part of the government’s plan to develop 11 towns and cities as smart cities, which will make them more sustainable, efficient, and livable.

The state has also approved several projects that will benefit Pune cities such as widening roads, building flyovers, and a metro rail network. The government has also announced plans to spend more than Rs 1 lakh crore on infrastructure projects in Maharashtra over the next five years.


As we have seen, the state government of Maharashtra is committed to improving the infrastructure in Pune. The government discussed everything with the top builders in Pune. The next few years will be crucial for this city’s growth and development. This development is one step forward towards making it a smart city, with better facilities and efficient services for residents.

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