Goel Ganga Group, pledges to support Sadhguru’s Save Soil Movement

Goel Ganga Group Sadhguru Soil

This blog covers Goel Ganga Group Pune, a real estate company. Recently, this group showed their initiative with Sadhguru’s save soil movement. Goel Ganga Group, Pune’s leading real estate company, pledges to support Sadhguru’s Save Soil Movement.

The “Save Soil Movement” was established by Sadhguru, a 65-year-old spiritual leader who undertook a 100-year undertaking and has received backing from the Goel Ganga Group. A 30,000-kilometer journey takes place in one day to increase awareness of the global soil quality crisis.

About Goel Ganga Group:

Atul Goel, the managing director of the Goel Ganga Group. They are a notable real estate developer in Pune.  Goel Ganga Group deals with 2 BHK flats in Pune and 3 BHK flats in Pune. They expressed his support for the worldwide Save Soil campaign initiated by Sadhguru during his recent visit to Pune as part of his Save Soil initiative.

The Goel Ganga Group is devoted to completely assisting the Save Soil effort of Sadhguru. We find it a pleasure to collaborate with the Isha Foundation on this admirable project. We must commit ourselves to the cause of the soil just as we dedicate ourselves daily to creating India.

The mission of Sadhguru’s Save Soil Movement:

We try to build a better future for everyone; we will continue to adopt environmentally friendly practices and spread the word about soil safety. Goel claims that Sadhguru went to an occasion in Pune to promote understanding of the significance of soil in preserving the sustainability, happiness, and long-term health of the world.

Sadhguru underscored the numerous risks our society and the environment face due to our behavior, particularly given our current apathy and inactivity. As part of his work with the Save Soil Movement, Atul Goel introduced Sadhguru to his most recent book, “Real Rich.”

About Real Rich

It is the first book in the real estate sector to give readers the information they need to make wise real estate decisions. In addition, the book supports the Save Soil campaign by instructing readers on cultivating nutrient-rich soil to sow the seeds of their personal and society’s prosperity.

According to the report, some founders and chief person of universities say, “In the words of Swami Vivekananda, the Union of Science and Spirituality alone would bring peace and harmony to mankind. It’s a great idea to protect the soil from rescuing Mother Earth. This movement is enormous and conveys a crucial message to the globe.”

They also added that as a generation, we have a chance to significantly alter the course of the next ten years to improve the environment in which we live. If we can manage our intelligence, we are the flowers of evolution. However, we can contribute to the solution only when we are not the issue ourselves.

“Soil is a fantastic metaphor for the real estate decisions we need to get better at making. Because just as the earth’s future is anchored in the soil, so are society’s foundations in real estate. Our principal focus must be the condition of the Bedrock. It’s the way to live, Real Rich, Goel remarked.


“Seeing my book in Sadhguru’s hands was a surreal sensation,” he continued. So, with his permission, I’m confident we’ll progress toward our goal of building a society where real estate decisions are made with great influence so that everyone may live luxuriously and buy 3 BHK flats in Pune.

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