Mantra Magnus is redefining luxury at Mundhwa Junction

~ Over 50% Oversubscription Of 2BHK and complete sell-out of 2BHK Residences~

~ 2 Day event witnessed unprecedented demand with the majority of units sold out to prospective Homeowners ~

~ 200 + units launched that comprises of 2bhk, 3bhk and 3bhk duplex ~

Pune, 19 January 2024: Mantra, a leader in premium real estate, is proud to announce the overwhelming success of their latest luxury offering, Mantra Magnus, located at the prime location of Mundhwa Junction. With the recent two-day allotment event, Mantra Magnus has set a new benchmark in modern urban living.

 Mantra Magnus has reimagined residence and makes a luxurious lifestyle statement for Pune’s dynamic and ambitious professionals. Inspired by the concept of “Life Vridhi Bhava” – symbolizing continuous growth in life – the project beautifully intertwines luxury with functionality. The architectural marvel boasts state-of-the-art amenities, sprawling green spaces, and a design that speaks to the heart of urban living.

The 2-day allotment event witnessed an extraordinary response with over 160 customers and numerous walk-ins. The highlight was the complete sell-out of the 2 BHK apartments, starting from INR 86.99 lakhs, which were oversubscribed by nearly 50% at the Expression of Interest stage. The event’s second day saw the sale of the majority of the 3 BHK units (priced from INR 1.15 crore) and duplex units (starting from INR 1.38 crore), with the project achieving sales of over INR 150 crores.

Spread across an expansive area, Mantra Magnus offers over 200 luxury units, each designed to cater to the lifestyle needs of young and dynamic professionals, particularly those in the IT, Banking and finance sectors. The target audience, primarily young married couples with children, found the 3 BHK and duplex units perfectly aligned with their aspirations for an upgraded lifestyle.

Mr. Rohit Gupta CEO at Mantra said “Mantra Magnus witnessed an unprecedented demand for luxury living. We’ve crafted each aspect with the vision of ‘Life Vridhi Bhava’, ensuring that our residents thrive in the extraordinary luxurious experience. The response at the allotment event reemphasises the trust and aspiration Mantra Magnus has ignited among Pune’s discerning professionals and prospective homebuyers.”

Mantra Magnus has set a new standard in luxury with its pricing strategy. The 2 BHK units, now completely sold out, were available from INR 86.99 lakhs. The 3 BHK and duplex units are available from INR 1.15 crore and INR 1.38 crore onwards, respectively, with many units already sold out.

About Mantra:

Mantra has been at the forefront of redefining luxury living in Pune. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on innovation, Mantra continues to create spaces that resonate with the aspirations of modern homebuyers.

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