How is Digital Real Estate Marketing Changing

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It had been estimated that the real estate market would increase by 2.3% by the end of 2021. This means competition will be stiff between the real estate agents. For both residential and non-residential buildings, they will be trying to offer better deals. As a real estate agent standing out among your competitors has never been more vital. Like all other industries, real estate developers are implementing digital real estate marketing strategies.

Currently, it has been estimated 80% of the sale for real estate still are happening through offline methods like advertising, in-house sales team, hoardings, and channel partners. Yet developers of residential projects in Pune are finding digital marketing an important tool to share their properties with prospective buyers.

While the trend of buying homes online was on the rise, the Covid-19 pandemic has further pushed consumers towards searching for real estate online. With the digital adoption boosting in all sectors, real estate developers can no longer ignore the power of digital marketing for real estate.

How Is RERA Changing The Digital Real Estate Marketing Landscape? 

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Indian real estate developers can no longer advertise unrealistic, deceitful, and inaccurate information about the properties, neither online nor offline. With the new RERA Act in place, it has become mandatory for developers (individuals and companies) to register and obtain a RERA license. This will allow the agents/developers to be called ‘real estate agents’ legally and use the real estate online platforms to showcase their projects, whether 2 BHK flats in Kharadi, Pune, or anywhere in India.

Even an architect or contractor can now showcase their project online after registering with RERA and getting the license. Hence, those with limited cash flow for advertising can easily use the online platform for advertising their projects at a minimum cost.

With RERA’s policies in place, digital real estate marketing is becoming one of the most reliable sources for consumers to get the correct information about a property. Similarly, many real estate agents post the pandemic can more cost-effectively and hassle-free information about upcoming or existing projects.

Why Should India Increase Its Digital Real Estate Marketing Efforts? 

The real estate market has not entirely moved online in India or for residential projects in Kharadi, Pune. But there has been a significant increase over the years. Online marketing helps the developers to keep potential clients filled with the latest information. It also gives the real estate agents the ability to generate leads systematically with auto-pilot leads instead of doing tedious cold calling.

As the consumers are transitioning into using digital tools to search for almost everything, even using Google to look for properties, agents should put more effort into digital real estate marketing.

Final Words

If you are looking to increase your property’s visibility in a cost-effective way as a real estate agent, consider using digital marketing. With the use of this method, you are omnipresent while getting closer to your potential customers. Investing in digital marketing exclusively for real estate is the way to go.

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