March 2022

Home loan guide for senior citizens - majheghar

Need to know updated home loan guide for senior citizens

A home loan, often known as a mortgage, is a secured type of loan that is a certain sum of money obtained from a known person or possibly a bank and used to acquire a property or a house. The money borrowed through a mortgage is eventually repaid in Easy Monthly Installments (often referred to as EMIs) over a certain period. Let's cover the home loan guide for senior citizens. Under typical circumstances,...

Maharashtra Rent Control Act - majheghar

Everything you need to know about Maharashtra rent control act

The Rent Control Act regulates home leasing, and each state has its version of the law. Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 replaces the Bombay Rent Control Act and covers the entire state. This act helps to maintain some of the real estate builders in Maharashtra. History: The first rent law in India was passed in 1915 during the Bombay Presidency and then again in 1939. The Bombay Rents, Hotel, and...

Metro Rail launch to boost Pune’s real estate - majheghar

Metro Rail launch to boost real estate in Pune, Maharashtra

In the current real estate news in Pune, Metro rail launched to boost real estate in Pune, Maharashtra. It is good for connectivity and increases the business and value of real estate builders. Metro rail in Pune is a golden opportunity for builders to take advantage of growth. The Metro Rail launch in Pune is projected to increase real estate development in the city. The introduction of metro service is...

MahaRERA registration lapsed 388 projects in 2021 - majheghar

MahaRERA registration lapsed 388 projects in 2021, impacts 20,955 units

MahaRERA registration lapsed 388 projects in 2021 impacts 20,955 units; why and how does MahaRERA registration impact the real estate builders in Pune?  Let’s cover all the facts behind it. MahaRERA registration has revealed a list of 407 projects throughout Maharashtra that 'lapsed' in 2021, including 388 residential and 19 commercial projects. According to ANAROCK Research's data analysis, the 388...

Most Unique Houses in the World - majheghar

Mind of creativity with most unique houses in the world

Let's pretend that everyone has a unique method to design the most unique houses of expressing themselves. Some are known for their artwork, while others are known for their music, writings, and the creation of unusual living spaces. Architects give it their all when it comes to designing homes that meet real estate property needs. However, specific clients come up with extraordinary home designs that...

The Most Desirable and Costliest Houses in India

Some real estate builders in India invest in many properties but firstly, we discussed the ‘Top 10 costliest houses in India’ in this blog. Some investments are lifetime investments, and these residences, built or purchased by India's most influential individuals, epitomize what it means to make a "lifetime investment." After all, none of these has been under a billion dollars. Next, we will tell you...

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