All about serviced apartments

A serviced apartment is best suited for tourists or those who travel for work. Read on, to know more about the rentals, amenities, etc., in serviced apartments

With business travels and ‘staycations’ on the rise, the use of serviced apartments has become common in India’s hospitality segment, mostly because these provide a range of services.

New technology is making strides into the serviced apartment sector. COVID-19 has propelled extra safety with contactless technology. Serviced apartments are now using smart technology and automation in keeping with safety measures.

Serviced apartments are avoiding front desk interactions or handling key cards, by using app-based mobile check-ins, virtual keys and digital checkouts wherever available. Clients inform the front desk before checkout and request for the invoice to be sent by email.

We delve deeper into service apartment meaning, its structure, and the amenities that it offers to guests.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a furnished unit that is usually available for short-term or long-term stays. Apart from the furnishing, the maintenance and upkeep of the property are also looked after, by the owner. It is best suited for tourists and people who travel for work. Companies usually offer short-term accommodation in serviced apartments, to those employees who may be relocating for work.

All about serviced apartments

Amenities in a serviced apartment

Most serviced apartments will offer a fully functional and furnished house, with everything you require on a daily basis. This includes an equipped kitchen, washing machine, separate bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and WC, Wi-Fi services, television, water, electricity, and even a periodic housekeeping service. In case of any problem, you will be able to reach out to the concierge services or the helpdesk, for quick grievance redressal.

All about serviced apartments

Serviced apartment vs a hotel

Most people opt for a serviced apartment because these offer far more privacy than a hotel room. Rooms in a hotel are, on average, 325 sq ft. A serviced apartment, on the contrary, is a full house at your disposal. You are free to use the kitchen, or the washing machine and you may have access to conference rooms and any other amenities within the apartment complex, subject to the rules of the serviced apartment’s owner. Therefore, if you are living in a serviced apartment, you can avail yourself of all home-like amenities, for a price.

All about serviced apartments

Rent for serviced apartments

Another reason why people choose serviced apartments over hotels is that it is far more economical, for extended stays. In a hotel room, you do not have the provision to cook, and eating out entails spending a lot of money on food that may not be healthy. Serviced apartments come with a kitchen and usually, all basic appliances, such as a microwave, gas stove, plates, and utensils, are provided. Therefore, you can cook, do your dishes, wash/iron your clothes and feel at home, in spite of being away from home.

Prices of serviced apartments are not fixed and vary, depending upon the quality of offering, amenities, location, and the neighbourhood. A centrally-located serviced apartment will cost far more than that in an upcoming location. Having said that, it is also important to note that most often serviced apartments come up in or close to centers of business, commerce, and tourism.

All about serviced apartments

Other names of serviced apartments

A serviced apartment may also be known as an ‘aparthotel’, that is, apartments within a dedicated building in the housing complex with all the aforementioned amenities. Most people also call it ‘corporate housing’, because it is available on lease for a temporary period.

All about serviced apartments


Safety measures during COVID-19 in serviced apartments

In most serviced apartments, because of COVID-19, a maximum of two visitors are allowed in one apartment.

Each state may have the local government’s guidelines for Covid-19. Each serviced apartment may have a protocol to protect the safety of guests and staff. Certain services and amenities may be reduced or unavailable, as a result.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), wearing a face mask is mandatory in all indoor common areas.

In some serviced apartments, before check-in, all keys are sanitized and placed in a sealed bag to be handed over to guests. Luggage and bags are only handled with gloves. I meet and greet are unavoidable, all safety measures like masks and social distancing are maintained.

There is a no handshaking policy for visitors to the site.

Cleaning and hygiene

Most serviced apartments are operating with more efficiency. The frequency of cleaning has been increased with additional focus on high contact areas such as doors and lifts.

Housekeeping staff wear gloves, masks, and shoe covers inside the apartment and use antibacterial sprays, ensuring all surfaces are wiped down as they exit the property.


Are pools and water areas safe to use?

Gym, beach, swimming pool, spa, sauna, and steam bath facilities can be used safely with certain restrictions, as determined by national guidelines.  In particular, look for the following measures:

  • A maximum number of people allowed to ensure adequate physical distancing
  • Fabric mask policies required by local or national regulations
  • Hand washing stations, especially in the toilet and change room areas
  • Single-use towels only
  • A bin for guests to place their towel after use for laundering
  • Individual use drinking water
  • Tissues and waste containers with lids
  • High touch areas such as door handle disinfected regularly throughout the day

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