April 2022

real estate investment Pune - Majheghar

Why Invest in Pune Real Estate?

Pune is a historic and culturally significant city in Maharashtra, which is not the primary motivation for real estate investment in Pune. However, Pune has evolved into a center of education, a cutting-edge IT hub, and an industrialized metropolis over time. As a result, Pune has grown into one of India's most sophisticated cities. Let's cover why invest in Pune real estate? We cleared your points for...

Housing demand rises in Pune - majheghar

Housing demand rises in east and west Pune during Jan-Mar 2022

Everyone's talking about the pace at which housing demand rises in Pune. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on your dream home! The housing demand rises in the east, and west Pune during Jan-Mar 2022 has been rising since the second half of 2018. We expect the trend to continue for some time now. Let's build your dream home together. Whether you're looking for a cozy or modern abode, you can find...

stamp duty increase Mumbai - majheghar

Increase in stamp duty in Mumbai affecting the real estate market

We know very well that real estate developers in Pune affect the government’s decisions. Let's cover how an increase in stamp duty in Mumbai affects the real estate market. The residential segment was the only bright spot in the real estate property in Mumbai in 2020. The uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 virus epidemic harmed residential sales between April and June 2020. However, they rebounded...

Indiabulls Real Estate - majheghar

Indiabulls real estate raises Rs 865 crores

In this blog, we are going to discuss Indiabulls real estate property, and it raises Rs. 865 crores. But before you start reading about real estate reports and research, you need to know Indiabulls organization and what this company does? About Indiabulls: With a Gross Development Value of INR 32,189 crores and a net value of INR 7,090 crores as of March 31, 2018, Indiabulls is one of India’s...

Indian real estate billionaires Rajiv Singh - majheghar

Latest news of Indian real estate billionaires: Rajiv Singh richest entrepreneur in 2021

According to the newest Grohe-Hurun top real estate builders in India, we have 12 Indian real estate billionaires, up from only five in 2016 in India. DLF's Rajiv Singh is the wealthiest, with Rs 61,200 crore. In the previous five years, the number of real estate billionaires in India has doubled. At the same time, those in China and the United States have decreased – from 121 in China five years ago to...

SRA flats in Mumbai - majheghar

Everything you should know about SRA Flats

In December 1995, the Maharashtra state government began a comprehensive slum restoration project. It established the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, or SRA, to offer suitable SRA flats to the urban poor living in Mumbai's slum districts. The plan was to exploit the site as a resource, providing SRA Mumbai apartments to slum residents while selling the remaining units on the open market. The program is...

Property registration in Mumbai jumps 51% MoM in March to over 15,000 units - majheghar

15,000 units of property registration in Mumbai increased by 51%

In March 2022, 15,717 property sales were registered, bringing about Rs 1,084 crore for the state budget. March 2022 was the third-best March month in the past ten years. Property registrations increased by 51% month over month (MoM) in March 2022 to 15000 units compared to February 2022. However, on a year-over-Y basis, registrations were down 11% in March 2021. Let’s cover other real estate property...

HHousing sales witness 7% increase in first quarter - majheghar

Housing sales witness 7% increase in the first quarter of 2022: Report

According to new research, housing sales witness a 7% increase in the number of units sold in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021. Real estate consultants in Pune, Mumbai, had the largest proportion of housing sales, accounting for 56 percent of overall sales across the top eight cities. According to the study, the Gurgaon-based company, part of REA India, owns Housing.com and...

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